5 ways Me Tea is environmentally friendly and ethical

As we become more educated on the environmental crisis and ecosystem our packing was at the forefront of our minds when creating Me Tea.

The terrifying stat released in 2018 showed that over 90% of plastic has never been recycled and that is the equivalent of more than 6300 million metric tons. Most plastic ends nowadays up in landfill or the ocean. Research has shown that every year over 18 billion pounds of plastic is put into the ocean and this is detrimental for ocean and coastal life. Plastic has even been found in the bodies of fish which we end up eating.

Any plastic not thrown into the ocean is burnt, releasing harmful toxins into the environment. It is estimated that by 2050 there will be around 12 billion tons of plastic in landfill.

We care about the environment and that is why we have carefully researched and chosen all our packaging on reuse and recyclability.

Within online purchases on the rise we didn’t want to compromise for convivence.

  1. No plastic!

Single use plastic is awful - there is no plastic in any of our boxes. For example, our custom, water activated packing tape that we use to secure our Me Tea boxes when they are arrive to you is made from a kraft paper which is biodegradable and repulpable making recycling your boxes easy.

  1. Nothing will go to landfill!

All the packaging in our boxes can be recycled, composted or reused. Our tea pouches (including the labels) and our teabags can be composted! We can proudly say are labels are made from 100% recycled waste paper, are biodegradable and are vegan. So when your pouch is emptied it can all be recycle

  1. Recycled materials!

Our boxes and labels are made of recycled materials, giving them a second life.

      4. Letter box friendly!

Our tea boxes are letter box friendly, so can be delivered straight to you.

      5. Ethically sourced!

We source our tea from producers that are signed up to the Ethical Tea Partnership, an NGO who's mission it is to create a fairer, better, more sustainable tea industry for workers, farmers and the environment.

As a new company we knew it was our duty to start off on the right (sustainable) foot and take responsibility for our brand and packaging. Mother Earth needs all the help she can get.