Me Tea Sample pack - Me Tea
Me Tea Sample pack - Me Tea
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Me Tea gift pack

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Find a tea to match your every mood with the perfect introduction to Me Tea through this sample box. Whether you want a tea to energise you, before bed or as a way to find a moment of calm, this box has you covered.

You'll get all 8 of our teas in 5-gram bags, which is enough to make 2-5 cups of tea per bag (depending on the blend). Each bag is made from a biomaterial so is fully compostable.

There's also the option to have a sample box with our brand new Me Tea strainer, so you can brew your Me Tea in style and better yet with this combo you save 20% on the Me Tea Strainer.

Click here for our video guide on how to brew the perfect cup of Me Tea

Me Tea's included:

  1. Calm Me: Inviting smooth fruits with spices - 100% Organic Ingredients - Apple, Cinnamon sticks, Hibiscus, Blackberry leaves, Ginger, Licorice root, Orange peels, Fennel, Camomile, Clove, Black pepper, Cardamon, St Johns wort, Hop petal
  2. Mindful Me: Tasty pomegranate blood orange - 100% organic Ingredients - Quince, date (date, rice flour), apple, fig (fig, rice flour), grape (grape, vegetable oil), orange peels, natural flavouring, apple quarter, pomegranate, cardamon, goji berry, strawberry, chokeberries, lavender, marigold, mallow, cornflower blue, rose petals, elderflowers, cudweed. 10% of Mindful Me profits are donated to a range of mental health Charites
  3. Energise Me: Black tea bursting with bergamot flavour100% organic ingredients3 different types of black tea, Lemongrass, Orange peels, Lemon peels, Verbena whole, Rose petals, Cornflower blue.
  4. Sleepy Me: Light and delectable with subtle orange notes100% organic ingredients - Apple, Verbena whole, Balm, Orange peels, Hop petals, Tulsi, Marigold, Lady's mantle herb, Valerian and Savory.
  5. Super Me: Extra chunky berry mix - 100% organic ingredients - Apple, Hibiscus, Rose Hip, Date, Orange peels, Strawberry and Raspberry. 
  6. Everyday Me: Black tea with an orange blossom honey aroma - Ingredients - Black Tea from South India - Grown at 1850m above sea level at the Coonor tea garden in the hills of Nilgiri region, one of the oldest in Nilgiri region.
  7. Refresh Me: White tea with Peach and Apricot - Ingredients - Shou Mei, Pai Mu Tan and Snow Buds, peaches, apricots, green tea China Bancha, peach blossoms natural aroma. May contain traces of nuts.
  8. Soothe Me: The perfect blend to aid digestion - Ingredients - Aniseed fruit, fennel, caraway seeds, camomile, peppermint, flowers of mallow and marigolds. May contain traces of nuts.

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